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Peter C. Simons, Ph.D.

Peter C. Simons, Ph.D. Research Assistant Professor Department of Pathology Health Sciences Dr. Simons  research areas include Modification of beads for flow cytometry; Small GTPases; Red fluorescent polystyrene beads from different precursor beads to measure the activiation of mulitple GTPases. PENDING U.S. PATENT APPLICATIONS (UNM-AFFILIATED) Biomarkers for Early Detection of Sepsis Activated GTPase-Based Assays and Kits for the Diagnosis of Sepsis and Other Infections ISSUED U.S. PATENTS (UNM-AFFILIATED) 7,189,519      Bead …Read More

New Collaborative Center at UNM Working with Air Force Research Lab to Advance High-Tech Manufacturing Technologies

New Mexico is fast becoming the place to be for the space and defense technology industries thanks to new partnerships with the UNM School of Engineering, local companies and startups and the Air Force’s national research lab in Albuquerque.  The emphasis is on rapid technology development, prototyping, and manufacturing through the use of AI and machine learning technologies.  The UNM/AFRL Agile Manufacturing Center, a joint lab located in UNM’s Science …Read More

Randall Starling, Ph.D.

Randall Starling, Ph.D. Senior Scientist 2 Center on Alcoholism, Substance Abuse, and Addictions (CASAA) The University of New Mexico Dr. Starling’s current research areas focus on alcohol and drug research; Prevention of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD); Prevention of drinking and drugs in adolescents; Research on HPV vaccine uptake; Mobile technology to deliver tailored information and feedback to users; and Identifying and correcting risky drinking behavior. REGISTERED U.S. TRADEMARK (UNM-AFFILIATED) 85/197,189, WAYTOSERVE®, …Read More

Japanese University Students Pitch Their Ideas at the Lobo Rainforest Building

Two groups of students from Japanese universities visited STC in February as participants in its Internship Academy.  The students spent a week receiving entrepreneurial training and pitch coaching from STC staff that culminated in pitch competitions where the students presented their ideas and technologies before Rainforest judges. Professor Toshiyuki Matsui from Osaka Prefecture University (OPU) brought five graduate students from the Graduate Schools of Engineering and Life and Environmental Science. …Read More

New Mexico Startup Receives $1.2 Million Grant from DOE and Follow-on State Funding for Its Solar Cell Technology

Local startup Osazda Energy, commercialization solar cell technology jointly developed at the University of New Mexico and the Air Force Research Laboratory New Mexico by UNM Regents’ Professor Sang M. Han and his team, has received great news.  Osazda, a New Mexico Angels Start-Up Factory II-funded company, is developing innovative new materials that improve the efficiency and life of solar cells and panels for the photovoltaic market.   Solar cells today …Read More

NM Rainforest University Center Program Launches in January

The new year at UNM main and branch campuses is off to a good start with the launch of a new statewide program that promises to boost entrepreneurial activity in communities across the state. The NM Rainforest University Center Program is funded by a grant from the federal Economic Development Administration (EDA) and will provide entrepreneurial training and technical assistance to students and community members at all UNM campuses statewide.  …Read More

Philadelphia Investor Puts Albuquerque in Top Ten for Entrepreneurs

Philadelphia entrepreneur and investor Bob Moore is an expert in data analytics.  The co-founder of RJ Metrics and the recently launched Crossbeam, a B2B software company that uses data analytics to help companies find partnerships, recently conducted a study of 100 cities in the US with the highest spending power for startups.  Albuquerque made the top ten list at number 5.  To read more, see Collin Krabbe’s January 23, 2019 …Read More

Aaron K. Neumann, Ph.D.

Aaron K. Neumann, Ph.D. Associate Professor Department of Pathology Health Sciences The University of New Mexico Dr. Neumann’s current research focuses on Cell biology and signal transduction of fungal pathogen sensing via C-type lectins in dendritic cells and macrophages; Nanostructure in the fungal call walls and innate immunoreceptors with respect to its impact on the success or failure of anti-fungal immunity; Quantitative live-cell optical microscopy techniques to investigate host-microbe interactions …Read More

Make money and earn credit

‘Design. Build. Bank’ focus of spring break class at UNM’s Innovation Academy Spend your spring break creating ways to make money instead of finding ways to spend it. The UNM Innovation Academy, in partnership with the School of Architecture, Liberal Arts and Integrative Studies, and University College is offering a new class where you can earn three credits in just five days. “Design. Build. Bank!” is a course where students will use …Read More

Sixteen U.S. Patents Issued to STC for UNM Technologies in October, November and December

The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) recently issued sixteen U.S. patents to STC during the months of October, November, and December for technologies invented at the University of New Mexico. The patents, issued during STC’s 2019 fiscal 2nd quarter, are for a variety of technologies created by researchers in the Departments of Emergency Medicine, Computer Science, Neurosciences, Chemical & Biological Engineering, Chemistry, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and …Read More