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Joseph L. Cecchi VentureLab

Accelerating New Ventures at the University of New MexicoCVL logo 2015-10-28

The Joseph L. Cecchi VentureLab currently has space available.

For more information or to apply for office space, contact Cara Michaliszyn or Lisa Kuuttila.

The Joseph L. Cecchi VentureLab (CVL)’s incubator is a pilot program providing shared office facilities, business services, mentoring, advice, and the location of the specialized facilities and laboratories required to support life sciences-, physical sciences-, and engineering-oriented ventures. The CVL continually communicates with existing incubators to find appropriate enterprises to work with these facilities. The incubator is an ideal complement to the existing functions and relationships of the CVL and STC.UNM.

Moving an idea from concept to market is an exciting prospect, but it can be a daunting task. Useful technologies are just a starting point. The process of forming a company can be mysterious. However, there are many sources of assistance and information available to the inventor. CVL, an affiliated program at STC, is such a resource: a connection point for university researchers, inventors, faculty, staff, students, entrepreneurs, venture capital firms, and small technology companies in various stages of development. The CVL assists with the commercialization of UNM technologies by facilitating the formation of startup companies. The CVL equips these new companies with a healthy foundation and necessary resources—improving their chance for success.

The CVL often collaborates with faculty inventors, entrepreneurs, and UNM business students to perform market research and advance business opportunities for UNM-developed technologies. UNM and CVL representatives research, position, and identify strategies for the commercialization of these technologies, considering marketing potential, competitive environment, and more. Student teams also develop detailed cost and revenue models determining profit potential and rates of return.

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