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Lobo Rainforest Building

Coming August 2017

Why do we call it the Lobo Rainforest Building?  Because a human ecosystem is like a rainforest in which human creativity, business acumen, scientific discovery, investment capital, and other elements come together in a special recipe that nurtures budding ideas so they can grow into flourishing and sustainable enterprises.

The first floor will be home to STC, the Cecchi Venture Lab, and the Innovation Academy, UNM’s entrepreneurial program. Everything is co-located on the ground floor so you have more opportunities to meet and work with other inventors, mentors, business advisors, and experienced entrepreneurs from programs such as Innovate New Mexico and the Air Force Research Labs tech engagement office. Other incubators with more programs and events are within walking distance of your office, including Fat Pipe ABQ, ABQid, the Verge Fund, and CNM STEMulus Center’s IGNITE.

For more information on Lobo Rainforest Building meeting space, please visit https://stc.unm.edu/cvl/lobo-rainforest-building/meeting-facilities/.

For more information on office space, visit https://stc.unm.edu/cvl/lobo-rainforest-building/cecchi-venture-lab-office-space/.